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"RaspBeary's CyberCave"

A Rose for Mirage.

Meet RaspBeary Bear!

A Rose for Mirage.


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Employment Information

Gemini Air Cargo
Manager, Management Information Systems
Network and Desk top support specialist
August 1996, Upgraded Novell Servers and Win3.11 workstations into the year 2000 with NT 4.0 Servers and Win95 workstations.

Key responsibilities
A brief explanation of my official duties-Technical and Admin.

My Resume in .pdf format.
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Booz Allen & Hamilton
Netware Users Technologies Specialist (NUTS)
July 1993, Remote Dial in with Citrix WinFrame.

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Current Projects

NT Server
The Easiest Operating System for your Most Demanding Needs

NT Proxy Server
Microsoft Proxy Server is the easy and secure way to bring Internet access and extend Internet applications to every desktop in your organization

NT Exchange E-mail
Microsoft Exchange Server 5.0 is the only server that embraces Internet standards and extends rich messaging and collaboration solutions to businesses of all sizes. With Microsoft Exchange 5.0 you do not have to sacrifice richness, security, and power to take advantage of the Internet you truly get the best of both worlds.

Remote Access Services

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Personal.htm Personal Interests

What a way to get some good experience and be one with your body and mind.

SCUBA Diving
SCUBA diving is the coolest way to leave this world
and go into another world...
Mountain Biking
This is a nice way to see the outdoors
and get from point A to point B in a hurry...

Learning how to "Please" a woman
Knowing what makes a woman happy. And keeping out of the dog house is very important these days...


I love to be romantic
and to see the glow in my ladies eyes when she sees
what I would do to make her happy...


Dating is the best way to get to know some one,
As well as learning what's out there
in the real world...

Here are some of my thoughts on Interpersonal Relationships ... a paper that I wrote in school.

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Worlds Chat Gold Demo Handle: RaspBeary
LOL Chat Page: RaspBeary (Male 34)

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Contact Information

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Web address

Please tell me what you think about my home page and how I might improve it.

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